On Coffee and Time

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On Coffee and Time

17 Apr 2014

What can you do in six weeks? Previous to Code School I could provide you with an accurate estimate of the work I could accomplish for a customer in a given time frame. In the same breath I could tell you almost every tool I would use and the products I would suggest. Even the names of the people I would assign to that job. Half way through Code School I can tell you none of that. I can not tell you what tool I would use on the job assigned to me or how long it will take, I can not give you an estimate of a monetary value that my work currently is allowed based upon economic conditions. One thing I can tell you is I can make a website on the rails framework and have it functioning in black and white in about an hour that has a flow and stores information in a database. I can handle the majority of problems I run into fairly quickly with documentation and forum posts. It is amazing, logical, and fun.

The above text has sat in a wordpress draft for two weeks, it is not a chore to write about the experiences I have but it always seems to take longer than originally intended. At first I was not a fan of the command line, it took some getting used to, the cold hard edges, the dry functionality, the helpful yet unwelcomed error messages. Now, I don't want to be in a sleek GUI, I have grown fond of this place. When Sumeet taught us simple deployment with Jekyll yesterday it sounded like a good opportunity to use that draft text I wrote two weeks ago. Speaking of distractions from coding.... Let me tell you about QuadCopter Club. When I first saw Brandon flying his around it was cool, then Andy got one and it was a bit cooler, then Matt got one and it was cooler yet, so naturally I got one. It is probably the most fun I've gotten out of $30 in quite some time. It's rare to see other adults playing with remote controlled vehicles in my time before OCS but it has become the norm. I think we'll have a few more participants before the end of class.

This week we met the devs from Lyconic. It was a fun experience and was an interesting perspective from a start-up working to take a customer's platform and develop a tangible product custom tailored to their needs including support for all it's users. I have some familiarity in the user end of a similar product used in the construction management industry and can see exactly how difficult the end-user support role can be. This passed few weeks have taught me how to survive on coffee, two squares and five hours of sleep. I would not want to run this schedule forever but I do understand when deadlines come about and it's your name on the product sacrifices have to be made. There was a time when a pot of coffee a day to one person seemed like overkill, after 8 weeks of intense learning if I stay under ten cups it seems to be a light day. The second class for OCS was just announced. The reality has begun to sink in that someday soon I am not going to be flying quadcopters around a giant room without anyone criticising the use of my time. While that is a bit sad, I think we are all becoming increasingly eager to go out and see what we can do.

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